Calling All Bloggers

I need some help with my blog and I figured I’d turn to my fellow bloggers and readers to get some advice.

I really want to buy-out my domain name but I’m not sure the best way to go about it. I know that WordPress has an option (seems reasonably priced) but I’ve also heard of other bloggers using sites like godaddy or bluehost. What do you guys think?

Ultimately this is what I want/need in my blog:

  • Have my own domain name
  • Advertise (not an immediate priority but eventually)
  • Relatively easy to use, I’m not an html genius
  • Customizable

I would love to hear some feedback and personal stories/suggestions. I feel completely lost about what to do!

Here are some of my eats from today-

Salad with arugula, tomatoes, mushroom, cashews, almonds, and nutritional yeast

Vanilla chobani with half of a crumbled blueberry scone

Serving of Trader Joe’s Mushroom Fettucine

And some ricotta cheese, pumpkin butter, pumpkin granola, and reeses pieces

I really needed some chocolate tonight 😉

Have a great night!

5 thoughts on “Calling All Bloggers

  1. I think that would be really neat if you had your own domain!! more personable plus you can possibly generate some income 🙂 That’s always nice… I have no idea how to go about it… I have seen the option WordPress has available and I am sure it is a great service seeing how well run their free Blog option is… You could also do a search on Google for sites offering domains and hosting… Possibly get a good deal. Cannot wait to follow your blog to your new domain 🙂


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