Escaping the Snow {Dinner at Hackneys}

When I left work last night we had accumulated about 4 inches of snow, it was still coming down, and the roads were miserable.

That’s traffic at a green light. Insanity!

We didn’t have much at home in terms of dinner so we decided to head over to Hackney’s because their food is good and it’s close enough to our apartment that we wouldn’t have to rely on a car, cab, or public transit.

I started with a glass of Merlot and had two throughout the evening. This is why I was unable to blog last night. When did I become the ultimate lightweight?

Ian was playing with the camera settings and said something funny which is why I’m laughing. No worries, I have no shame of looking dorky on the blog 😛

Ian’s favorite type of soup is clam chowder, so when he saw it on the specials menu, he ordered a bowl of it for us to share.

It was really good and there was a lot of clam meat in the soup. No skimping there!

For dinner, I ordered the Fresh Salmon BLT salad without bacon.

It was okay. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh but the salmon was dry. This was a special salad and I think they were trying to go the healthy route with the fish but it tasted bland. Where were the spices?

Even still, I finished most of it and helped Ian with some of his fries. Next time I’ll order my usual, tilapia tacos 🙂

We were home early and watched a few episodes of Friday Night Lights before I promptly passed out. My college-self would be so embarrassed!

Plans for today include a run (I’m still deciding if it will be inside or out), some errands, homework, and maybe a trip to Piece later.

Have a great Saturday 🙂

Did you get snow where you live?

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