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Good morning 🙂 I’m in a great mood today because Michigan won in overtime last night!! Go Blue!!

This morning I woke up super early and knocked out 10 miles on the beloved dreadmill. When I realized I had to be at work at 9 and had a 10-miler on my schedule, I debated converting today into a 2-a-day and running 5 in the morning and 5 at night. However, I’m not an afternoon/evening runner so I decided to just sweat it out this morning!

My trick for completing long treadmill runs is to promise myself that I will run at least half the distance (so 5 miles today) before stopping for water, a bathroom break, or to change treadmills for variety. I also usually pick a time a few miles past the halfway point (7 miles today) that I strive to reach before stopping. Either way when I get back on the treadmill I know I’m halfway through my workout which makes it seem shorter.

Today I made it to 7, got some water and hopped back on to complete the 10 miles. The run was fine except that the treadmill shocked me about every 2 minutes. Has this happened to anyone else? I know the air in my building is dry, but still…

Breakfast was a treat today, a pumpkin parfait from the Whole Foods Health Starts Here line.

Has anyone else tried any of their products? I fell in love with their quinoa and roasted vegetable wraps this summer but I had to stop my addiction because the products are a little pricey. They do make a nice treat every so often and their ingredient lists are excellent.

All natural ingredients, you can only feel good about that!

I was super hungry this morning so I mixed a sliced banana into the parfait for extra staying power.

Not too shabby for a Wednesday morning 😉

Have a great one!

Have you ever tried any of the Health Starts Here products? What did you think?

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