Sugar Bowl

Hi and welcome from our couch! We’re currently relaxing and watching Michigan in the All State Sugar Bowl. We don’t look too hot right now (and neither does my hair but nobody said you have to look cute to watch football ;))

We’re such a football Michigan “family”, even the little guy is watching the game

Anyway, to rewind a bit…

It took a little while to get back in-sync at work. I had half-finished projects to pick up and e-mails to respond to. I’ve also started getting messages from my professors for next term with textbook lists and other information. Christmas break really is over isn’t it.

Lunch was the last of the stroganoff leftovers. Again, I added some spinach and cheese to doctor it up a bit. In my opinion, it is much better this way!

I balanced the pasta with two delicious clementines.

Mmm, I love clementines, I wonder why I rarely ever buy them?

I took a break around 2 and went out searching for caffeine. Well not really searching because there is a Dunkin’ Donuts like 100 feet from my office😛. I also stopped at Jewel and picked up some healthy snacks to keep at my desk. I also grabbed an apple that I ate with my coffee as an afternoon snack.

Did you know an apple is more efficient at waking you up in the morning than a cup of coffee? Crazy right?

For some reason Dunkin’ Donuts’ hot coffee makes me nauseus everytime I drink it, but I’m totally fine with the iced version. I really can’t figure it out. Today was a little bit better but I still had to munch on some crackers to soothe my stomach.

Ian requested pasta salad for dinner so I cut Heather’s mexican pasta salad recipe in half and served it cold while we watched the pre-game.

Because I had pasta for lunch, I served my portion over a huuuge bed of spinach and some mushrooms. It was truly a pasta salad😉

Completely satisfied, I waited awhile before having an unpictured rice cake with ricotta cheese and apple pie preserves.

Football is calling my name and maybe a glass of wine or a beer. Hey it’s the last Michigan game of the year!

Go Blue!

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