The Farm

Hello from Chicago! Ian had to work today, so we drove back from Michigan last night, which partly explains why I didn’t post yesterday (I’ll get to the other part in a second). It was great to spend some time with family over the holidays but its definitely nice to be back home. It felt amazing to sleep in my bed last night!

Anyway, the other reason I didn’t get to post yesterday is because Ian and I spent most of yesterday on a farm!

Ian’s mom cares for a horse about an hour away from where she lives in Michigan and when Ian and I saw how nice the weather was going to be, we decided to go with her to see the horses. The farm is also very relaxing. It’s so anti-city 😛

This is Ian’s favorite horse, Cisco. He’s a miniature horse.

And this is Ian’s mom’s horse, Vision. Isn’t he handsome?

 This is her trying to wipe the dirt out of his eyes. He wasn’t having it

All of the horses were very friendly and came up to the fence to say hi to us. Of course it helped that we also had some treats for them 🙂

This was such a great way to spend our last day in Michigan. I really appreciate Ian’s mom for sharing the farm with us 🙂

I let myself sleep in a little bit today and then went out for a 5 mile run. I woke up stiff but the run loosened up my legs and I finished in 37:52.

Ian and I had dinner last night around 9 so I wasn’t too hungry when I first got back from running, so I busied myself around the apartment until hunger struck.

Breakfast was pretty easy today. I had an english muffin, two teeny tiny tangerines, and some coffee with soy creamer.

One half of the english muffin was topped with cream cheese and cranberry jam and the other with TJ’s orange cranberry spread. I also had an Adora disk.


I’m off of work (and school) for the week but have some personal work to keep me busy. Have a wonderful day!

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