Lounge Lizard

Its been a lazy day in the apartment. I think Sonic has left his bed two times since this morning and one was to eat, get some water, and use the litter box. I think my little furball is in recovery mode from the weekend😀. Not to mention my butt has been parked on the couch a little bit longer than necessary.

I definitely milked having today off. After breakfast I played around on my computer, finished unpacking, and took down all of the Christmas decorations. I promise this is where my productivity ends.

Around 11 I started to get a little bit hungry so I snacked on some kefir with a mix of cereals while reading the Chicago Redeye.

I thought about doing some preliminary work for my thesis but instead picked up my book and read for another hour or so before “breaking” for lunch.

I reheated some Christmas chili, stirred in some mozzarella cheese (hey it’s what we have :P), and served it with a piece of cornbread.

The chili was inspired by The Daily Garnish and the recipe can be found here. It’s really good. The addition of butternut squash is genius:)

I also had some kefir with crumbled caramel wafer cookies and a small dollop of cookie butter to round out lunch. What can I say- we have limited groceries and kefir really seems to be hitting the spot!

Now I need to go and get ready because Ian is taking me out to dinner! Dinner out on a Tuesday night? I guess I must have done something special😛

What do you do on your day off? Do you like to be productive, relax, or a bit of both?

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