Pumpkin Overnight Oats & Working Out While Sick

Last night around 10:30 I cut myself off from homework and forced myself to go to bed. The sleep plus airborne seemed to do the trick and I woke up feeling better, although not 100%, this morning. In fact, I actually felt well enough to go to a 6 am cycling class and my body did not feel achey like yesterday at all!

Many runners, and more broadly athletes, get critisized for working out while feeling sick. However, research has shown that moderate exercise is actually beneficial to the immune system. There is also the neck-rule that states that when symptoms are neck and above it is okay to run, but if they are below the neck (specifically in the chest area) you should skip your workout.

I personally follow the neck-rule while also listening to my body. Working out and running are about so much more to me than calorie-burn. Its my stress-release, my “me-time”, and part of my routine. I almost always feel better after a workout. Plus working out helps me wake up. Not a bad bonus😉

Wednesday and Thursday are my early work morning so I almost always pack breakfast to eat at my desk. We only had about 1/3 cup of greek yogurt left in the container, so I decided to make overnight oats in the yogurt container (less things I need to bring home!)

Pumpking Overnight Oats
1/3 cup of greek yogurt
1/3 cup of vanilla almond milk
1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup pumpkin
1 tsp chia seeds
2 tsp raisins
1 tsp maple syrup

I packed the overnight oats with some granola, coffee, and an adora disk for breakfast

All mixed together

Have a good one:)

5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Overnight Oats & Working Out While Sick

  1. You should just listen to your body, if you really feel bad and even thinking of running makes you want to faint you’d probably better rest a bit but I actually like to run when I have a cold, it makes me feel so much better afterwards😀

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